Concrete Waste Treatment

Revolutionizing Slurry and Water Treatment

CETCO products are revolutionizing slurry and water treatment in the concrete industry. Utilizing our industrial wastewater and oilfield water treatment experience, we now offer slurry solutions for all concrete water producers. SlurrySep™ has been specially developed to accelerate settling of the cement fines to provide clean, pH adjusted process water for recycling. SlurryDry™ is formulated to quickly absorb free water in cement sludge to allow compliant, non-leaching disposal.
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    Red Pigment Washout  SlurrySep LPH2

    SlurrySep™ is a line of reactive separating agents composed of minerals, pH adjusting components, and polymers. They are specially blended high efficiency formulas designed to remove high levels of suspended solids from wastewaters leaving clean water for compliant discharge or reuse. Remaining sludge is non-leachable and will pass TCLP. 

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    Concrete Sample Jar and Product SlurryDry™

    SlurryDry™ are blends used in low dosages for the solidification and stabilization of waste slurry and other fluids produced from concrete-related applications. These products allow a fast and easy way to solidify concrete slurry passing paint filter, slump and TCLP tests for acceptance into non-hazardous landfills.

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