Versatile High Pressure Fluid Injection & NAS Filtration System

CETCO’s Intervention Services product line, can be used across a wide range of applications that require fluid transfer and/or injection at variable pump rates and pressures. The highly flexible fluid injection system integrates bulk and multi-line NAS filtration for the most “solid” sensitive applications. The system is designed with the offshore application in mind and features a compact footprint and Class I/Div I certification. Injection rates and pressures range from low pressure/high volume to high pressure/low volume:

  • 120 GPM @ 120 PSI
  • 10.8 GPM @ 15000 PSI
  • 0.38 GPM @ 30000 PSI

From project conception to completion, CETCO’s Intervention Services personnel work hand in hand with the client, to address their specific needs and provide the required engineering, project management, and offshore service support for flawless project execution.


  • High pressure, low flow rate NAS filtration for Subsea IWOCS, umbilical’s, subsea test trees, BOP controls, hydraulic systems, control panels, etc
  • Chemical injection system services for all types of surface & down hole control lines
  • Pressure testing vessels, flow lines, subsea trees, umbilical’s & BOP’s
  • Bulk NAS filtration of Down Hole Inhibitors and control fluid
  • Bulk fluid transfer and filtration to NAS specifications
  • Flushing of production hoses, subsea hoses, and flow lines
  • Compact Air driven NAS filtering / flushing unit
  • Commissioning and displacement of umbilical and control lines in laminar or turbulent flow
  • Emulsion breaking or diffusion
  • Prevention and dissolution of hydrates
  • Prevention of oil foaming
  • Corrosion inhibition
  • Wax breakdown
  • On-site pressure test recording
  • On-site NAS Sampling

Features & Benefits

  • NAS Filtration designed for Site Specific Fluid Criteria
  • Custom Component Fabrication for system interface with client facility
  • Centralized system controls to maximize system efficiency under constantly changing conditions
  • Vast inventory of vessels and support equipment
  • Highly qualified personnel with extensive safety and regulatory training
  • Seamless project execution from design, engineering, on-site implementation, through post job reporting
  • Intervention Services can be integrated with other CETCO service lines for flawless project execution

Areas of Training

  • T-2 production and hydrogen sulfide safety
  • Firefighting
  • Basic core compliance training
  • Rigger certifications in accordance with API RP 2D fifth addition
  • Employees meet or exceed SEMS standard