OARFISH® Modified Clay

The CETCO Oarfish® products are dry process Organophillic clays used in oil-based and synthetic-based drilling mud applications.

Oarfish® products are specially built amine-modified additives made with premium Wyoming Bentonite clay supplied by AMCOL (MTI). They are designed to act as a rheological additive in oil or synthetic-based fluids and drilling muds. Oarfish® products function as a viscosifier and gelling agent to improve the suspension properties and carrying capacities while also acting as filtration control agents that help stabilize the borehole.

CETCO Oarfish® products include the Oarfish® M-One, which is a well site “maintenance” product and the Oarfish® B-One, which is a higher-grade version used to build the “initial” mud system.


  • Specialty designed for client applications
  • Improves hole cleaning capacities of drilling fluids
  • Reduces fluid loss
  • Effective as filtering agents
  • Increases temperature and emulsion stability
  • Promotes borehole stability