Leading well testing and blowout flow control services to the oil and gas industry since 1968

The CETCO Well Testing Division provides safe, customized and dependable well testing and blowout flow control services for the oil and gas industry for both onshore and offshore applications. With well-designed equipment and innovative technology, we deliver complete solutions for well testing needs and effective operations in all testing environments.

CETCO provides our customers with a fleet of equipment for rapid mobilization to any job site and is capable of handling hazardous and lethal flow streams in addition to high wellhead pressures and solids. Our processes reduce project costs while minimizing waste and associated disposal liabilities to produce a cleaner environment. By operating QAQC procedures and documenting our working history on all of our equipment, we ensure high performance standards and customer satisfaction.


Features & Benefits

  • Highly qualified personnel with extensive safety and regulatory training
  • Vast inventory of vessels and support equipment
  • NACE and ASME coded vessels
  • Wellsite performance at competitive price
  • Offshore well testing integrated with water treatment services for compact overboard discharge of produced waters
  • Largest well testing operator in the Gulf of Mexico

Areas of Training

  • T-2 production and hydrogen sulfide safety
  • Firefighting
  • Basic core compliance training
  • Rigger certifications in accordance with API RP 2D fifth addition
  • Certificate of competence in the particular grade (specialist or operator 1 – 5)